Privacy policy

1. Data subject to collection
1.1. Data which provides an ability to support user feedback is subject to collection.
1.2. Some user actions are automatically saved in the server logs:
1.2.1. IP-address, browser type data;
1.2.2. Add-ins, request time, etc.
2. Data obtained use case
2.1. The data provided by the user is used to contact him, as well as to send notifications.
3. Personal data management
3.1. Personal data is available for viewing, changing and removing in user's personal account.
3.2. Information is stored in backup copies for 7 days and can be restored upon user’s request in order to prevent accidental data remove or damage.
4. Data provision to third parties
4.1. Personal users’ data can be transferred to persons not related to the website, if required:
4.1.1. to comply with the law, normative legal act or court decision execution;
4.1.2. to detect or prevent fraud;
4.1.3. to fix website bugs;
4.1.4. to provide information on the authorized state bodies’ request basis.
4.6. Users must be notified of the current website sale case no later than 10 days before the transaction, if available.
5. Data security
5.1. The website administration takes all measures to protect user data from unauthorized access, including:
5.1.1. regular content management services and systems updating;
5.1.2. resource’ archive copies encryption;
5.1.3. regular checks for malicious codes;
5.1.4. virtual dedicated server for website hosting.
6. Amendments
6.1. Privacy policy amendments are published on the current web page.